Why to use Savesor?

Why to use Savesor?

Reduce utility bills
Savesor stops extravagance use of climate control systems. Much better savings in comparison to the conventional Energy Saver Card systems by blocking unnecessary use.
Improve guest comfort
A happy guest is a crucial investment.
Works independent from the room access card and you have the full control. You are no longer forced to take disturbing measures in pursuit of stopping the waste.
Get staff efficiency
With Savesor Occupancy Detection Technology, housekeeping knows which rooms are occupied and prioritize unoccupied rooms. Rooms occupied by guests won't unnecessarily be disturbed.
You may also track how much time your staff spends in a room — a key parameter for service quality and efficiency.
Use Cases
Traditional Solution: Cardholder Energy Savers
Hotels equipped with energy-saving cardholders save energy when the guest removes the card from the holder. In a guest-centric era, it is no longer reasonable to give only one card to guests and expect energy saving by pushing them to remove the card when leaving the room.

There is a battle between a property's energy management goals and those guests who see a card removed from energy saver cardholders as a treat to their comfort. Guests often feel incentives to leave the room card on the holder while they leave the room unoccupied. Removing cards by housekeeping staff at vacant rooms is a widespread practice. Still, it is not efficient and often recognized as a direct overriding of the guests' actions.
Savesor works independently using machine learning. It senses the guest's presence and only does its savings when the room is unoccupied. Guest cards are no longer required to achieve energy-saving goals.
Millennial Hotels Prefer Keyless Entry
Modern buildings prefer keyless entry solutions. Guests no longer forced to queue at reception to get their room entry cards/keys.
Mobile phones, watches, or a pin code now work as a key to the room.

Traditionally occupancy was detected by placing room key in a holder equipped with a sensor.
While keys became virtual, there is still a need to detect occupancy to save energy, prevent fire hazards, make housekeeping, and minibar filling staff more efficient.

Savesor provides a smart IoT solution powered with machine learning that accurately senses room occupancy. Savesor room units control air conditioning and electrical devices to save energy, give analytics to hotel staff on the occupancy of rooms.
Why Savesor?
  • Fast ROI
    You start saving on the day of the installation.
    Based on your energy cost, ROI is less than six months in most territories.
  • Compatible with all air conditioner systems
    Tested with all leading fan coil, VRV, VRF room air conditioning systems.
  • Prevents unnecessary use
    Detects unnecessary use, stops, your money stays in your pocket.
  • Eliminates renovation or wiring needs
    Can be installed in existing hotel rooms in a few minutes
  • Central management
    Rooms are automated, monitored, and managed with central software.
  • Sustainability champion
    Up to 40% energy saving is an excellent boost to your environmental initiatives.
Savings Calculator
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