How much will you save?
How much will you save?
You can save up to 40% with Savesor in comparison to energy saver card solution.

Proven results:
Method 1:
Energy measurement analysis
Compared energy consumption of rooms installed Savesor technology with the rooms only with energy saver cardholder. Results of the measurement showed rooms with Savesor spend about 40% less energy.
Method 2:
Room use habits analysis
— Vacant rooms checked by Housekeeping, Guests leave energy saver card ON at 70% of the unoccupied rooms.
— Guests spend 10 hours in the rooms, 14 hours out of the room.
(14 hours out of the bedroom/ 24 hours per day) * %70 energy saver card not removed = 40% energy waste.
The outcome of the two measurement methods match.
Case study in a 875-rooms hotel
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